The New America’s Cup Yachts

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Since we already took a look at how San Francisco is the ultimate location for the America’s Cup, lets look at the most important part of the race: The yachts.

The newest yachts are over the top in both size and performance. Actually, super yachts is more fitting.

First, we have the AC45. This is a 45 foot catamaran, built under the same specifications for everyone. This is a practice boat to give the sailors a chance get used to the unique challenges of multi-hull yacht, which is a much more grueling process physically.

This practice is all leading up to managing the AC72. This 72 foot, high tech super yacht will outdo all its predecessors is size and speed. How fast can it go? Estimates are 50 knots. That’s about 57 miles per hour.

Like the AC45, this is multi-hull catamaran. It’s just bigger. Much, much bigger and individually crafted by each team. To give you a little perspective, the mast is about the size of a ten story building. Now, imagine that going 50 knots.

High Tech

This is not just a high speed super yacht. No, that’s just part of it. It’s also made to be a TV star. There’s plenty of technology on board to create a visually stunning show, both in person and for television audiences. There will be an elaborate on board set up with cameras, surround sound and microphones to truly capture the on-board experience of it all. Who knows what this will lead to.

There’s also a new, high tech lighting system to improve warning and signaling, as well show right of way.

A bit much?

Maybe. It’s so expensive to make that very few teams were up for the task. Not to mention it’s questionable safety.

You may love it or hate it, but the term super yacht is definitely fitting. It’s light, fast and ready to impress.


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America’s Cup Winner 2017 Emirates Team New Zealand  photo source 


Emirates Team New Zealand desk model

  America’s Cup Winner 2017 Emirates Team New Zealand Desk Model


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