Nautical Decor: Creating Your First Nautical Room

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This is the second post in a series on adding a dose of nautical decor to a room in your home. The first post helped you get started by adding a few main nautical symbols to any room. Now, we’ll go a little bit farther and start to create an entire nautically themed room.


If you really want to start to take this to the next level, you may want to think about the color of the room.

I’d recommend going with one of these two extremes.

The first option is a full nautical color scheme. You would take typical nautical colors and coordinate all the major details of the room with them. Blue, white and brown, with a good bit of wooden furniture throughout the room will really set the stage for everything else that is to come.

If that seems like a bit too much, then the second option is to just use more basic colors, such as light gray or just a plain white. This will create a background that isn’t really a part of the theme. Instead, it just sort of sits in the background without drawing a lot of attention. This lets the rest of the decorating stand out on its own.

wooden decorative oars

Decorative Wooden Oars

The basics

In the first post we talked about starting with some basic, symbolic nautical pieces along with something to show a bit of your personality. The ship wheel, anchor and art will get this off to a great start, but here I will offer some suggestions to some smaller nautical details to the room.

These are all meant to offer some different possibilities on how to go about doing it. They’re meant to serve as suggestions, rather than instructions. When it comes to these little details you should think more about what matters the most to you and adjust accordingly.

Pirate Ships Kids Bedroom

Pirate Ships Kids Room Decorating via houzz 

Floats, buoys and wooden oars

Some great wall options that go beyond art are floats, buoys and wooden oars. There are all kinds of different options here that can be put together into all kinds of nautical creations that complement one another.

You could take floats and hang them from the ceiling or on the side of furniture, then add a big wooden oar nearby to complement it. Another option would be to skip the oar and surround the room with floats in different places. This is another chance to put things together in whatever way seems most appropriate to you and works well with everything else in the room.

decoarting with oars

Tender Ivory Oars on the Wall Nautical Accent Bedroom by Interiors by Fanny Haim and Associates


A porthole is another great symbol that will really recreate the feeling of being on a ship, while also working well as another form of wall art. There are all kind of different options that range from completely decorative to a bit more practical.

On the practical end, you have porthole clocks. I mean, you’re going to have a clock inside somewhere anyway, right? Why not make it complement the rest of the theme.

Maybe you hate clocks and want to forget all about the time. Or, maybe you already have the greatest clock you have ever laid eyes on and refuse to part with it.


In that case, a porthole imitating a window would be a great option.

A giant fish replica

OK. Todays final suggestion is not going to be for everyone, but bear with me and at least give it a little consideration.

A giant fish.

Well, a giant fish replica. Not a real fish.

I mean, imagine a marlin perched on the wall somewhere…

If you really want to build the ultimate nautical room you should at least consider it because a fish on the wall would definitely make the theme clear.

I’d like to end this with a reminder of the importance of personalizing the theme. That’s one of the greatest parts of all this. You can create a room that truly inspires you.

Photo by EcoIslandLife

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