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Baltimore Clipper Harvey 1800’s 

The Harvey was built in 1847 in the state of Maryland. She was an able sailer working out of the port of Galveston Texas. At the turn out the Century she was making several voyages a year between Galveston and the ancient Jewish port of Jaffa which at the time was still under the Ottaman empire. Her main cargo was hemp used to make ropes for the rigging of ships. She exemplified this class of roving privateers, overtaking and capturing British merchantmen laden with cargo to support the British expeditionary forces then attempting to recapture the former colonies. She had a successful career, first as a warrior and then as a cargo carrier. She displaced about 225 tons, and had a length of 97 feet, a width of 25 feet and a depth of less than 11 feet. With the end of the war, transatlantic trade resumed, and the Baltimore clipper evolved over the next 30 years to take the form of larger cargo carrying packets. These had similar hull lines and were longer, slimmer, and faster than older merchant ships.


USS Constitution Wooden Ship Model Old Ironsides Replica 

Amerigo Vespucci Tall Ship Under Sail

Amerigo Vespucci Tall Ship Under Sail


Most Famous Canadian Schooner Model “Blue Nose” 




USS Constellation Wooden Tall Ship Model

On 27 March 1794, the United States Congress passed the Naval Act of 1794, which provided for building the US Navy its first new ships: the frigates Chesapeake, Congress, Constellation, Constitution, President, and United States. Constellation was the first to be commissioned. Constellation was built at Harris Creek Shipyard in Baltimore’s Fells Point and launched on 7 September 1797, just as the United States entered the Quasi-War with France. On 9 February 1799, under the command of Captain Thomas Truxtun, Constellation fought and captured the frigate L’Insurgente of 36 guns, the fastest ship in the French Navy — the first major victory by an American-designed and built warship. In February 1800 Constellation fought a night encounter with the frigate La Vengeance of 54 guns. Constellation was victorious after a five-hour battle. The French commander just managed to save his ship from capture and -upon returning to port- was so humiliated he later boasted that the American ship he had fought was a much larger and more powerful ship of the line. Since the encounter, the Constellations incredible speed and power inspired the French to nickname her the “Yankee Racehorse”.




1930’s Classic Yacht Model 

Agnes - Pilot Cutter 1

Agnes – Pilot Cutter

San Felipe Tall Ship (1)


San Felipe Tall Ship 

    The San Felipe was one of the most beautiful Spanish ships in the 1600s. Launched in 1690, it had 96 cannons and was the the lead ship of the feared Spanish Armada. It was powerful enough to go up against the most formidable ships in the French and British navies. In 1705, the San Felipe and 11 other Spanish ships waged a a furious and heroic battle against 35 British ships. After 24 hours of fighting, the San Felipe was captured, but was so badly damaged that it could not be salvaged as a prize. It sank with several tons of gold.


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HMS Surpise Hand Crafted Model Ship 


HMS Surprise sailing

Tall Ship Bell

Solid Brass Ship's Bell with Wall Bracket

Brass Ship’s Bell Available for Sale


US Coast Guard Models 

dragon-olympic-sail-racer (1)


Dragon Olympic Sailboat Racer 

This is Legendary Classic Olympic racer from the 1930s is still popular today. Beautiful mahogany planked hull. Built from approved racing class blueprints. Hands-on sailing history for lovers of wooden craft. This is a real scale model, a miniature of a legendary regatta racer.


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The Charles Morgan left Mystic Seaport on May 17 to embark on her 38th voyage to engage communities with their maritime heritage and raise awareness about the changing perception about whales and whaling, of curse they do not compare to the modern ships used at at tours like whale watching california. The ship is making its journey from New Bedford, Mass., to Boston next week. source 

 Charles W. Morgan Wooden Boat Model

Tall Ship Greif

Tall Ship “Greif” via ships.d3

Khersones is a X Ukrainian three-mast long ship, a fully rigged ship. It was built in 1989 in the Gdańsk shipyard, Poland



Tall Ship Bounty

On October 29, 2012 the Bounty and the crew were sailing from New London Connecticut to St Petersburg,  Florida. During Hurricane Sandy, the crew was forced to abandon ship and the Bounty sank.


HMS Bounty Handmade Wooden Model Ship Replica 

Agnes - Pilot Cutter

Agnes – Pilot Cutter

ship wheel

 Tall Ship’s Steering Wheel  for Decoration 


Circa 1895 Yacht Iverna Under Sail


sailing tall ship


tall ship on board

sunset sailing


 HMS Endeavour Tall Ship


HMS  Endeavour Open Hull

Tall Ship Mercedes

Sailing Ship Mercedes via windisourfriend.com/

tall ship under sails

The Topsail Schooner “Californian”

Topsail Schooner “Californian” Wooden Model Ship (1)

 Topsail Schooner “Californian” Wooden Model Ship

Sailing Yacht Elena.Sailing Yacht Elena


tall ship


 Wind Speed & Direction with “Tru-Gust”



Columbia SailingColumbia Sailing via facebook


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1871 Columbia

1871 Columbia via gonautical

J Boat Sailing

Classic J Boat Sailing via facebook.com

Tall Ships

tall ship racing

Tall Ship Race via facebook

Lionheart Racing

Sailboat Racing via facebook.com


Lionheart America’s Cup Defender Exact Replica

Xebec Wooden Model Ship (2)

Xebec Wooden Model Ship

The three masted Xebec was used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a merchant ship because of its speed and shallow draught. It was not long before Corsairs, the pirates of the Mediterranean, decided on the Xebec as their vessel of choice for lightening fast attacks on heavier merchant ships. With its fourteen cannons slug low in the waists, the Xebec would hole her prey just inches above the waterline making escape impossible. Six culverins were mounted along the poop deck for close action or just in case the crew tried to mutiny. Oars were used when the wind failed giving the Xebec the upper hand in attacking other vessels or fleeing the authorities.

Martha Vineyard Regatta

Martha’s Vineyard Regatta at start


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Sorensen Captain’s Cabin Lamp w/ship Globe, Oilsailboat model

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tall ship on the deck

On the deck of a tall ship via facebook.com

Tall Ship

Gorch Fock Tall Ship

Tall Ship Gorch Fock

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sailing ships and boats

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Japanese training ship “Taisei Maru” built in 1904 at Kobe . at anchor in Sydney Harbour, year unknown.

tall ship deck



Tall Ship Full Sail

Sailing Tall Ship

Tall Ship Sailing

On Board Tall Ship source

tall ship

Tall Ship Under Sails


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