Summer House Ideas



Having a beautiful house on the beach means you will probably be spending more time outside than inside. Your patio design should reflect that. Unlike a traditional inland home, a beach house patio should be the main focus of the home, if nothing than for the beautiful natural view it offers.

Every beach house is unique, and yours should be no different. Decorating your patio and choosing the right furniture is essential if you want it to reflect your personality and provide comfort for you and your family. In this article, we’ll list 5 beach house patio ideas.

Let the View Be the Focal Point

No matter if you’re just a few steps away from the ocean or overlooking it from a distance, the ocean will always steal the spotlight. That’s why you shouldn’t focus too hard on decorating. Instead, focus on getting as much from this gorgeous view as you can.

If the building codes in your state permit it, consider getting rid of the railing completely, so it does not disrupt the scenery. Consider a white color palette, as it will create a perfect contrast with the blue water.

Whatever furniture you choose for your patio, make sure the color palette is neutral, so that it doesn’t draw the eyes away from the vista.

Bring the Inside Out

One of the greatest perks of a beach house is that you can have your living room outside. That’s why you should consider equipping your patio with living room furniture like chairs, pillows and sectional sofas like the ones offered at this link:

A good way to mix your living room and the patio is to install sliding doors that will allow you to seamlessly connect your living room with the patio. That way you will get more functional space, even if your living room or patio is narrow. Make sure you try out artificial turf if you want to improve your patio curb appeal with almost free maintenance.

Make it Comfortable

Since most homeowners use this place to relax, you’ll want to make sure you provide enough space for relaxation. A hammock and a patio are an inseparable combo and for a good reason. Just make sure to use a resistant material like water-repellent canvas. Another great way to provide comfort is to add scatter cushions. You can even feature different designs to quickly and easily redecorate your patio.

Think about the Lighting

Chances are you are won’t have to worry about lighting during the day, as the sun’s rays will help illuminate the patio. But since you’ll likely be spending even more time on the patio at night, consider adding some lighting. You could go for ambient candles or add accent lights. And if you care about the environment, you should consider adding solar and led lights.

Why Not Add a Fireplace?

If the view is not a good enough focal point for you, perhaps you should consider adding a fireplace to your patio. A stone fireplace will give your patio a dash of luxury and keep you warm if the nights get a bit chilly. If you want something to help you relax, perhaps you could add a water feature instead. Finally, if you plan on hosting a lot of parties, why not add a well-lit bar nook.Bookmark and Share