Famous Schooner Models

Schooner Atlantic Under Sais

Schooner Atlantic Under Sails image source

atlantic shooner model

Wooden Handmade Schooner Atlantic Model 

The Atlantic Schooner was built in 1903 by Townsend and Downey shipyard, and designed by William Gardner, for Wilson Marshall. The three-masted schooner was skippered by Charlie Barr and it set the record for fastest transatlantic passage by a monohull in the 1905 Kaiser’s Cup race. The record remained unbroken for nearly 100 years

Schooner Lynx Under Sails

 Famous Historic Schooner Model 1812 “Lynx” 

Schooner Under Sails source 

 America, 1851 Scaled Schooner Model

Tall Ship Rigging source  

Tall Ship Sailing photo credit Valery Vasilevsky

Schooner America

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