Sailboats At Sea


Mariette Under Sails photo by Michael Kahn

Schooner Atlantic Wooden Model

Atlantic Wooden Ship Model 

Commissioned by New York Yacht Club member Wilson Marshall, the Atlantic was launched in 1903. William Gardner, one of America’s foremost designers of large yachts, designed her. From the moment Atlantic went to sea, it was clear that she was an exceptionally fast and beautiful schooner. When a yacht in 1903 hits twenty knots during her sea trials, she is a promising yacht, but even then nobody could imagine two years later this yacht would set a record that would stand unmatched for almost a century.


Windward  photo by Michael Kahn


Ranger Wooden Sailboat Model

The J-class yacht Ranger won the 1937 America’s Cup, defeating 4-0 the Endeavour II of Britain, raced at Newport, Rhode Island. It would be the last time huge J-class yachts would race in the America’s Cup.


J Yacht Sailing  photo by Michael Kahn


Enterprise Decorative Wooden  Sailboat Model

In the midst of America’s financial crisis, in the late 1920s, a yacht was being designed that would emerge as the first of a new breed. Incorporating a sleek new style, and crafted using an assortment of lightweight metals, the Enterprise yacht would soon enter into the 14th America’s Cup Race. As the oldest international trophy competition in the world, the races allowed yacht clubs across the globe to compete for the chance to claim the title and bring the trophy home to their country. However, the previous race winning New York Yacht Club had been in possession of the trophy for 60 years, and was a favorite to defeat the challenging Royal Ulster Yacht Club.


Hailstorm Cannes  photo by Michael Kahn  


Velsheda Racing  photo by Michael Kahn  


Velsheda Spinnaker Racing  photo by Michael Kahn  


America’s Cup J Class Defender Velsheda Model


Endeavour   photo by Michael Kahn  

file_1_211934 America’s Cup Endeavour I


Shamrock   photo by Michael Kahn 


1930 Shamrock V J Yacht Model

Advanced A80
Advanced A80 via  charterworld 



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