MODEL SHIP- OMH INCSan Felipe Tall Ship

This is an exclusive edition of the San Felipe, where the model is uniquely identified by a laser cut hull serial number.
The ornaments on her body made her more beautiful than any other ships at her time.
Thus, to recapture the beauty of this ship into the model, we have used the most exotic wood that are available, the highest quality brass fittings that we can cast and more than 200 hours to put together this magnificent model. Examples of wood use include rosewood, ebony and mahogany.
These materials are transformed into art pieces by the skillful hand of the master craftsmen.
If you look closer, you can see an evenly smooth surface of wood on the hull. It was done more beautifully then most pieces of fine furniture.
From the bow to the stern, you can see hundreds of shiny brass fittings and cannons.
Wood pieces of different shades and colors are carefully selected and used to create an impressive look.
The stern is the most decorated area with hundreds of small brass ornaments, brass railing, figurines and lanterns. You will more than likely be falling in love with the art work on the different decks of this model. All decks are done by putting together many rectangular small wooden pieces.
There are round shape stairs connected the main deck and the forecastle deck.
The main deck is also equipped with a couple of life boats, which even come with their own paddles. And then there are the skylight, ship bell, and ship wheel…etc. The model comes with its original flag and rest on a steady wooden base with attached metal name plate. 100% assemble, ready for display.
old-ironsides-uss-constitution- (1)
This is Museum-quality, Fully Assembled edition of the famous USS Constitution “Old ironside”. It is part of an exclusive edition where the hull is laser cut with a unique serial number. The model is 100% hand built from scratch using “plank on frame” construction method. Our master craftsmen have spent more than 100 hours to finish it. One bold feature that makes this model standout is the art of wood use. Rosewood, mahogany, teak and other exotic woods are carefully selected to accent each part of the model. This replicas magnificent details include metal anchors and cannons, authentic crows nest, advanced intricate rigging, rolled sails, wood inlay hull, inlay deck, an ornate stern and many more. No plastic parts! Comes on a solid wood base, with metal nameplate.

The model has been built according to the new Shamrock V after its refit in England

Royale Yacht Britania

Royal  Yacht Brtannia

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