Nautical Details: Lanterns, Lamps and Lighting




When it comes to nautical decorating, there is the big picture and then there are the details. This is about how to go about adding those details to your home.

Nautical lighting is great because there is there are so many possibilities with it. If you are creating a room with a nautical theme, then lighting can be the finishing touch that pulls it all together.

If not, it can be used as a small detail that just hints at your seafaring adventures.

A little love for lanterns and lamps

Lanterns are a great choice for a small detail with practical utility to it. An oil lantern can easily spend most of its time playing a decorative role in any room, whether it has a nautical theme or not. But the beauty is that it can have some practical use as well. It can be taken on a boat, of course, but could also work for something like camping. It’s also a great backup light during a power outage.

Electric lanterns and lamps are also great options. They’re not quite as versatile as an oil lantern, but can be used as day to day lighting in any room in the house.


Unique Row Boat Lighting

Nautical lighting

Once you decide to create a full nautical theme, lighting is the perfect detail to pull it all together.

Don’t get me wrong. It can work alone, similar to a lantern, but is best as part of theme.

You’ll find more than your fair share of options, but something that hangs from the ceiling would work great in most nautical rooms. Rather than going with something too basic, try something that stands out a bit. Chandeliers are a great option if it looks right in the room. This could work in the dining room, for example, but probably not in a bedroom. A ship wheel design would be another interesting option.

Speaking of bedrooms, a couple smaller wall mounted lights might work better in this situation or maybe a table lamp of some kind.

Whatever you choose to do, just keep the theme in mind (or lack of one if that’s the case) and add whatever details inspire you the most, because personalizing your home is what it’s all about.


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