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Are you a nautical enthusiast? Do you enjoy handcrafted nautical decor? If so, the website may be a journey worth your while. The site offers a vast selection of items and design ideas for a seaside inspired home. Whether you are looking for fully assembled model ships, tasteful nautical lighting, seascape furniture, or searching for nautical instruments to add to your collection, is your nautical needs destination.

The site offers free shipping on all orders over $100 as well as a 1-800 number for customer service and ordering purposes. There are also featured sections on the site for specials and new arrival items. Whether you choose to order online or via phone, can accommodate your shopping needs.

Do not let your love of nautical decor be a ship that passes in the night. Thanks to, there is no need to abandon ship or send out an S.O.S. call. In fact, the siteis much more than your port in a storm. With all your nautical and seaside inspired design needs are covered.


Japanese Glass Balls Fishing Floats Decoration


 Brass Porthole Clock, Tide Clock, Thermo., & Hygro on Mahogany Wooden Plaque


Brass Bell Award Plaque 

Nautical Artifacts

Japanese Fishing Floats image source 


Nautical Decor and Decorative Sailboats 

Ship Bell Decor

Brass Ship Bell in Dinning Room

decorative-telescope-nautical-decoration-0152-antique-copper-3 (1)


 Admirals Floor Standing Antique Copper with Leather Telescope 60″


32×80 Anchormaster Telescope

Famous Chesapeake skiff Skipjack 1880

Mr. Webster defined a Skipjack as a blue fish,  or other kind of fish that leaps out of, or play at the surface of, the water, but the origin of the word as applied to the V- bottom Chesapeake Bay sailing oyster dredge boat unknown. The name seems to have been associated with the development of the V- bottom craft in general.

The V- bottom Skipjack was development from flat bottom skiffs and boats around the Chesapeake bay in the 1880’s intensive development of that type occurred in the southern countries on the eastern shore of Maryland, and the bay was soon credited as being the home of the V- bottom. At the peak of building, around 1910, there where some 2,000 Skipjack sailing the bay.

The Skipjack evolved because it was simpler and less expensive to construct than a round bottom boat like a bugeye. The hull structure on most Skipjack is fairly typical but since no construction plans were used there were slight variations. Another noted characteristic of the Skipjack as well as many  other bay sailing craft is the clipper-type bow with its long cutwater stem, hogged bowsprit, and decorative trail boards. The Skipjack is the last sailing craft developed on the bay for commercial operation. While the large early fleet has dwindled to about 39 remaining boats they are still operating for a good reason.


nautical decor

Nautical Decor 

Clock Coffee Table (1)

Clock Coffee Table

nautical dinning room

Decorative Wooden Oars and Lighthouse Decoration via


Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

1930 Classic Yacht

1930’s Classic Yacht 


Decorative Porthole Window 

Authentic Models Avalon Telescope


Dory Bookshelf-Table wth Glass


Sailboat Models 

sailboat decor

 Decorative Sailboats 

Shrimp Boat Image Source 

Jenny Model Shrimp Boat 

ANCHORAnchor Tall Ship

anchored tall ship

  Anchor of a Tall ship in Douarnenez harbor, Finistere, Brittany, France

sea inspired nautical decor

 Nautical Decor and Sailboat Models via

rustic nautical

Rustic Nautical Interior  via

Classic Boat Sailing


found on  facebook 

tall ship rigging

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