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Tall Ship



  Bluenose 1921 Fishing Schooner


1690 San Felipe Tall Ship

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USS Constitution Legendary American Tall Ship Model 


Pen Duick Wooden Sailboat Legendary Racing Model Replica (1)

Famous Racing Sailboat Model Pen Duick 






 Passion For Nautical Life

america's cup Endeavour model (1)America’s Cup Famous Endeavour 27″

The J-class yachts are beloved symbols of extravagance from a bygone age, each designed and financed by a unique personality to compete in The America’s Cup. Looking back, we are left to wonder at the priorities of the people involved; how could they justify to themselves the expenditure required for a boat race during the height of the Great Depressionω Not to mention, these millionaires would rarely even leave themselves with a souvenir of this ultimate luxury; most J-class yachts were sold for scrap following the race. Today, we are left to marvel at the extraordinary series of events that was The America’s Cup from 1930-’37.


After the suspension of racing during World War II, its resumption in ‘58 featured smaller yachts, undoubtedly more affordable to field. This makes any surviving J-class yacht to be a rare, valuable historical artifact – exactly what the Endeavor is.


When it was constructed, The Endeavor was extraordinary for its design and technological innovation, and it remains so for being one of the only America’s Cup J-class yachts still intact.

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Tall Ship

 Beautiful Tall Ship

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Tall Ship Crew

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Sailing Marta’s Vineyard  Regatta
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on board of tall ship

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old tall ship

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Tall Ship New York Harbor

Tall Ship In New York Harbor

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winter sailing

Winter Sailing found on facebook.com 

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Anchor Lighting

Anchor Lighting Chandelier 

tall shipTall Ship Under Sails

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USS Constitution Old Ironsides

A massive wave that hit a lighthouse off the coast of France in 1989 – the man in the lighthouse survived. (Photo-Jean Guichard)

In this now-famous photo snapped by Jean Guichard in 1989, a massive wave is nearly engulfing the Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument, a lighthouse on the northwest coast of France, near Brittany, that ironically translates to “Lighthouse in a storm.” During this storm, the lighthouse keeper, Theodore Malgorne, may look like he is calmly watching the monster waves, but he is actually awaiting rescue. Malgorne has a few colleagues tucked safely in the lighthouse, out of harm’s way. Although it looks like the wall of water is powerful enough to destroy the lighthouse, the structure received little damage and is still standing today.

Theodore Malgorne is the man in this photo..he and the others inside the lighthouse were waiting to be rescued and no damage to the lighthouse 1989 everyone got out safe and sound

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Dragon Olympic Sail Racer 1

Olympic Class Dragonracing sailboats

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sunset sailing

Sunset Sailing Lighthouse – St. Joseph, Michigan via marriagetakesthree.blogspot.com

Tall Ship

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