4 Tips for Creating an Authentic Nautical Interior

Remember that last vacation at the beach? It’s easy to bring those memories home with nautical style decorating. A nautical interior is one that’s reminiscent of ships, sails, and ocean sunsets. And if you’re someone who loves the beach, a nautical home — or even a single room filled with nautical decor — offers a relaxing break from the outside world. Use these four tips to get started. 

1. Begin With Nautical Theme Lighting

Lighting is an important consideration when you’re trying to recreate an outdoor feeling in an indoor space. Natural light is a great place to begin, so if your space features windows with heavy, room-darkening treatments, nix them and let the sun shine through. Consider using a big window as a display space for a gorgeous model ship or some wayfaring tools such as spy glasses, sextants, or a ship’s bell.

For dark corners or spaces that lack natural light, a ship-themed chandelier or wall-mounted lanterns will highlight your nautical interior.

2. Consider Adding One or More Model Ships

You’ll find a model ship for sale in all sizes, from miniature to extra-large. Consider collecting several in different scales and displaying them on open shelving, in bookcases, or inside a glass-paneled curio cabinet. Display your collections in small groupings for added drama. 

3. Bring In Nautical-Themed Accessories

Nautical-colored rugs, weather vanes, tide clocks, and wooden oars all make beautiful decor. And when displayed sparingly in your space, they can lend your room that seaside mood you crave without appearing cluttered. Choose one or two larger pieces as conversation starters, and add a few smaller pieces to fill in. Good options include:

  • Sea-themed placemats or coasters
  • Throw pillows with nautical motifs
  • Wall art that features boats, marinas, or lighthouses
  • Accessories made of netting or rope

Your nautical home may mimic a cozy ship’s interior or the bright light of a beach house. It’s only limited by your imagination and by the decor you choose to complement your theme. 

4. Remember That Less Is More

A last rule of thumb is to show restraint. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of finding nautical decor, but it’s important to remember that less is usually more. Opt for a high-end, classic look, as opposed to one that’s packed full of smaller knick-knacks and items that could come across as clutter. Leave room for white space, and place one or two items on a shelf, as opposed to many. Do the same with your wall art. Tasteful decorating requires self control and an eye for detail. Once you master these two must-haves, creating a nautical home that’s both beautiful and relaxing will come much easier.

If you’re ready to browse an endless selection of quality nautical home decor, visit gonautical.com. We have everything needed to design your own perfect oasis, even if you live miles from the nearest shore. 

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